Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Specialised Vessel Services is committed to taking an active interest in the countries that we operate from and within. As a marine based organisation we look to run our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives using the same approach to our business, ensuring that the CSR work we do is ethical and governed by principles of technical excellence, safety and operational innovation and flexibility.

Investing in the community

SVS conducts its work offshore Africa. Africa itself is a myriad of cultures, languages, development and tradition with vast distances adding to the logistical challenges of the work we do. We look to invest in the community’s and countries that we have operations in. We have a focus on safe operations and environmental protection and have systems in place that ensure we do not damage the environment we work in. Our main tenants of Education and Community Development are underpinned by project initiatives that the Board Review on an annual basis.

We are a multi-cultural operator, employing personnel from over 15 different countries. We run a dedicated Marine and Engineering program for locally recruited seafarers, in addition to our community projects. We also support the work of charities that deliver services aligned to the back ground of our team members.

We provide a positive presence where and how we work

SVS believe we provide a positive presence where and how we work

Our CSR work is designed to benefit our own employees but also extend this benefit to where we work.

The Company ensures its projects will bring opportunities and its investment will make a positive difference.

Our current projects are:

  • East Africa Community Seafarers Program
  • Champali Community Project
  • Mombasa Schools Project
  • Support for Injured Servicemen

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