Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement - SVS HSSEQ Core Policies

All employees have an obligation to observe, and adhere to, the highest personal and professional operating standards with regards to the policy established by SVS.

The company is committed to ensuring safe operations that protect people, the environment, communities and assets. SVS management supports fundamentally the business and operational principal that ALL ACCIDENTS CAN BE PREVENTED, and strive for an operations HSE record of ZERO INCIDENTS and ZERO SPILLS.

HSSE excellence will be achieved by:

  • Integrating HSSE awareness into every corner of our business;
  • Striving for excellence with HSSE standards and performance across the fleet;
  • Approaching HSSE with a Management led hands on system of audit and accountability;
  • Demonstrating Honesty and Integrity when dealing with all HSSE related issues;
  • Protecting the environmental through responsible resourcing, and supplier management;
  • Planning all aspects of our operations utilising a strong SAFE SYSTEM OF WORK;

SVS believes that effective health, safety, and environmental performance across our operations depend on the commitment to maximize awareness of these risks at every level of the organization. The company monitors and reviews HSSE awareness systems and processes that provoke an attitude of professional engagement and continuous improvement in order to underpin our work.

The company engage in a wide range of communications, awareness-raising and shared learning initiatives; these activities are aimed at ensuring that our people can identify health, safety and environmental risks, and understand the behaviour required to keep themselves and others free from harm at all times

The SVS strategic approach to the communication of safety is overseen by the most senior leaders in the company, with absolute advocacy from the Managing Director and the Senior Management Team.

HSSEQ Core Policies

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