May 2018

SVS Grenville, “Busier than ever"

Ready for sea voyage from Mombasa to Abidjan in just 5 days

The back end of 2017 into early 2018 saw SVS Grenville finish a long and tiring operational period in the red sea as a logistics platform for the maritime security industry, in the 7 month period that the vessel was deployed the Grenville accommodated, in total, over 2300 security personnel and the crew served over 7500 meals including the baking of over 450 birthday cakes for personnel that stayed on board, a thoughtful touch for those celebrating birthdays whilst at sea and away from their loved ones.

After completing operations in the Red sea SVS Grenville returned to home base in Mombasa for some much needed rest and maintenance and deep cleaning but was not sitting on her laurels for long, After completing operations in Abidjan, Ivory Coast early in 2017 the call for Grenville went out again for a return to Abidjan to act in the guard ship/ chase vessel role for drilling operations in the region.

True testament of the dedication and flexibility of the SVS technical and operational staff was realised here as the Grenville was turned round and ready for sea voyage from Mombasa to Abidjan just 5 days after the call for the vessel was made and then 24 days later after a short hop round the COGH and a blast up the West coast of Africa the vessel was delivered to Abidjan and a grateful client. SVS Grenville remains on operational duties in the region until early 2019.

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