June 2022

SVS Cornwallis successfully completed dry-docking in East Africa

“Our team successfully completed the project with zero incident or accident. The proper plannings and contingency measures kept in place helped us to redeliver SVS Cornwallis back to our clients on time.“

Mr. Mark Hannis

General Manager, Specialised Vessel Services Ltd

The main purpose was to facilitate her 5-year Special Survey docking and enable a comprehensive inspection by Class BV South Africa. The docking gave us the opportunity for underwater work to be conducted. This included shaft withdrawals/inspections, shaft seals replacement, bow thruster servicing, Thordon bearings replacement and the servicing of all underwater valves.

Side, bottom, stern and bow plating were examined to confirm that these are in satisfactory condition.

The hull was in a fairly good condition. Plating, fittings and connection in way of shell openings examined to confirm that these are in satisfactory condition..

All aluminium anodes were replaced, and thickness gauging of the hull was conducted as per IACS regulations.

For Hull protection, four coats of Jotun paint were applied which included two coats of Antifouling.

All navigational and communication equipment were checked, and a successful radio survey was also conducted on board.

All deck equipment were checked and serviced including the Anchor winch and chain. We also used the docking period to conduct load testing of deck cranes & other lifting equipment, and the gangway.

Propellers checked for erosion, pitting, cracking of blades or possible contact damage. One propeller out of four was replaced, while the other three were faired and polished to improve the vessel efficiency. We also replaced a propeller shaft with a brand-new shaft which was kept in our store in Mombasa, Kenya for any emergency use.

The damaged propeller shaft will be repaired and kept in our store for any future requirements. We were able to reduce the extra days required in dock in order to successfully re-deliver the vessel to our client thus meeting our commitment to them.

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