Specialised Vessel Services

Specialised Vessel Services Ltd is a pioneering market leader in offshore marine projects in operationally challenging areas. We have the knowledge and ability to charter vessels to carry out a wide range of tasks. Our goal is the provision of vessels that are fit for purpose, expertly managed and able to deliver to demanding clients through meeting strict OGP standards.

About SVS

We are a dynamic, ambitious marine company with a proven track record of creating new markets and being visionary in our approach. We are an established provider in the Safety, Supply, Standby & Support vessel market off Africa.

We have a range of related services and combine experience in near shore and onshore logistics, Port Captain and Port operations, bathymetric survey services and ....

SVS Fleet

We provide of safety, standby, supply and support vessel services and shore based support where needed.

Effective HSSE

Effective HSSE through a commitment to maximise awareness of these risks at every level of the organisation.

SVS Area of Operations

SVS is a dynamic growing business with operations covering all of the East African coastal countries with new business interests in West Africa.


We are a pioneering market leader in offshore marine projects in operationally challenging areas. We have the knowledge and ability to charter vessels to carry out a wide range of tasks.

Latest News

May 2024

SVS Team Visit to Pemba, Mozambique

SVS (Specialised Vessel Services LTD), recently conducted a significant visit to their company vessels stationed in Pemba, Mozambique.

December 2023

Season’s Greetings and best wishes for 2024

from everyone at Special Vessel Services.

November 2023

SVS Cavendish Has Effectively Completed its Dry-docking

The primary objective was to facilitate the vessel's 5-year Special Survey docking, allowing for a comprehensive inspection conducted by Class BV South Africa.

During the dry-docking period, extensive underwater maintenance was carried out, encompassing activities such as propeller shaft inspections, shaft seal replacements, thordon bearing replacements, and the renewal of all underwater valves.

In addition, thorough examinations of the side, bottom, stern, and bow plating were conducted to verify that their condition was satisfactory. 

September 2023

Specialised Vessel Services Sets Sail with Starlink

In a game-changing move, our maritime fleet has just implemented the revolutionary Starlink system onboard all our ships in East Africa.

Gone are the days of sluggish and unreliable satellite connections. Starlink provides high-speed internet access, ensuring seamless communication and swift access to information even in the most remote maritime regions.

June 2022

SVS Cornwallis successfully completed dry-docking in East Africa

“Our team successfully completed the project with zero incident or accident. The proper plannings and contingency measures kept in place helped us to redeliver SVS Cornwallis back to our clients on time.“

The main purpose was to facilitate her 5-year Special Survey docking and enable a comprehensive inspection by Class BV South Africa.

August 2021

Successful Completion of Audits

After recent successful completion of audits SVS have again successfully achieved full compliance with each standard.

This demonstrate our full commitment to providing products and services that meet both customer and regulatory requirements, our commitment to our employees health, well –being and continued safety improvements along with SVS continued efforts to reduce our environmental impacts and to ensure continual legal compliance across each standard.

January 2020

SVS Cornwallis Returns to Nigeria

SVS are happy to announce a return to Nigerian waters for SVS Cornwallis. Cornwallis will be operating out of the Facados oil terminal under the guidance and charter of Margaret Black Ltd.

Margaret Black, based out of Lagos, are a new client for SVS and we are delighted that from a cast of many we came through their stringent audit and due diligence selection procedures with flying colours to now be working alongside them on this project and part of the planning team for future ventures.

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