September 2023

Specialised Vessel Services Sets Sail with Starlink

Ahoy, fellow sailors and tech enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share from the high seas!

In a game-changing move, our maritime fleet has just implemented the revolutionary Starlink system onboard all our ships in East Africa. Gone are the days of sluggish and unreliable satellite connections. Starlink provides high-speed internet access, ensuring seamless communication and swift access to information even in the most remote maritime regions.

Our crew can now enjoy streamlined operations and improved productivity with real-time data exchange, weather updates, and navigation assistance. This means safer voyages and more efficient logistics.

The well-being of our ship's crew is our top priority at Specialised Vessel Services

With the recent integration of Starlink's advanced internet system, we have not only enhanced our operational efficiency but we have also taken a significant step in supporting the mental and social health of our dedicated crew members and clients onboard.

Being away from home and loved ones for extended periods can be emotionally challenging. Now, with reliable internet access, our crew can easily stay connected with their friends and family, bridging the distance and reducing feelings of isolation. This improved connectivity allows them to share their experiences, seek emotional support, and maintain a sense of belonging while out at sea.

By prioritizing the mental and social well-being of our crew, we aim to create a more fulfilling and supportive maritime environment that ultimately benefits everyone on board.

Upgraded internet connectivity with Starlink holds immense promise for our valued clients in the oil and gas industry

In the demanding world of offshore drilling and exploration, timely access to data and communication is paramount. With this enhanced connectivity, our ships now serve as a vital link in the supply chain, ensuring seamless operations for our clients. Real-time monitoring, data transfer, and remote management of critical systems have become more efficient than ever before, enhancing safety and productivity on offshore platforms. This technological leap marks a significant milestone in supporting our oil and gas partners as they navigate the complex and challenging waters of the energy sector.

Navigating a New Digital Horizon

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