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Company profile

We are a dynamic, ambitious marine company with a proven track record of creating new markets and being visionary in our approach. We are an established provider in the Safety, Supply, Standby & Support vessel market off Africa. We have a range of related services and combine experience in near shore and onshore logistics, Port Captain and Port operations, bathymetric survey services and a range of specialist services to meet client offshore requirements.

SVS is a dynamic growing business with operations covering all of the East African coastal countries with new business interests in West Africa. Our portfolio includes charter work in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Benin, Nigeria, Togo, Angola, South Africa and Gabon.

Our business strategy

Our focus is the delivery and supply of best in class vessels through a dedicated support network of engineers, operations and back office staff.

We operate in support of offshore oil & gas exploration operations through the provision of safety, standby, supply and support vessel services and shore based support where needed.

Our new market strategy has been developed to extend our existing market areas by geography and vessel type and we are actively looking at investment into the AHTS, PSV and other support vessel markets.

We specialise in operating in new markets and challenging area.

ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management

OHSAS 18001: 2007 Health and Safety Management

September 2017


Selected by a world-leading seismic acquisition company, SVS GUARDSMAN was mobilized to Dakar, Senegal to carry out advance scouting and seismic escort duties for 4-weeks during September and October 2017.

Sailing ahead of the seismic acquisition vessel, her responsibilities included ensuring that the route was clear of small vessels and debris, as well as reporting any potential hazards which could interrupt the safe operation of the acoustic streamers. SVS Guardsman was also used as an emergency stand-by safety vessel and as a crew-transfer vessel for arriving and departing personnel.

Despite the challenging environment, GUARDSMAN recorded zero HSSE incidents, a testament to the professionalism of the crew onboard and the training provided to ensure that SVS crew members and operations are carried out to the highest levels of offshore industry standards.

Constructed at the Damen shipyard in Holland, GUARDSMAN is an axe-bow vessel built from aluminum which provides charterers with both fuel efficiency cost-savings as well as the capability to transit at high speeds offshore. Further, the 5-berth and 46-seat configuration allows for crew-transfers and for charterers personnel to stay onboard.

GUARDSMAN’s 75.0 m2 clear deck space also provides charterers with the real-estate to store essential equipment, use as a work space or carry out basket transfers safely.


Specialised Vessel Services has extensive experience operating in West Africa, and by working closely with local partners has successfully enabled international oil and gas companies and those working in the offshore industry, to conduct their business safely in often challenging and complex environments.

A specification sheet is available here and for enquires, please contact the SVS Chartering team for an immediate response.

January 2017


January sees two vessels deploy to completely new areas, increasing our operational capabilities and experience.

Specialised Vessel Services owns and operates a range of vessel types in both East and West Africa, including eight of Damen's modern and efficient axebow design.

Amongst them, and shown in the photograph above, is SVS Cochrane, a Damen-built, 55 metre FSIV with DP1 capability.   Cochrane deployed at the end of December in response to a short notice requirement and has steamed more than 4,000 nautical miles to begin a new charter off Uruguay in South America.

The fact that she was able to mobilise at such short notice bears testament to our high standards of care and maintenance, and the professionalism of our operations staff in making all necessary arrangements during the Christmas period.

As with all of our fleet, the configuration of cabins, seating and deck layout is modular and adaptable.  Cochrane is currently arranged with cabin accommodation for 17 Charterer’s personnel, along with 240 square metres of deck space and a cargo capacity of 225 tonnes, as well as a davit and FRC.

With a maximum speed of over 20 knots, full ballistic protection and a range of 6,000 Nautical Miles, SVS Cochrane is just one example of our modern vessel fleet, designed and built with safety and security in mind.

Separately, SVS Grenville has just departed Cape Town SA to take a film crew to the remote island of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic, where she will be the floating base for the expedition's diving and filming operations in the weeks ahead.

With other new charters commencing in NIgeria, Ghana and Tanzania this month, the SVS team can reflect on what has been a very busy Christmas and New Year, and look forward to a strong performance in the year to come.

We would be pleased to discuss any potential requirements, whether in East or West Africa or much further afield for our modern and reliable fleet.

December 2016


SVS achieves a record number of new hires and contract renewals in December

Specialised Vessel Services owns and operates a range of vessel types in both East and West Africa.  Throughout an extremely challenging year for the offshore marine sector we have worked hard to sustain the highest levels of quality and safety, working in close conjunction with our clients to understand and adapt to their requirements.

This ongoing commitment, at a time when many owners have been forced to lay up vessels or to reduce the level of service they can offer, has maintained our fleet at a permanent state of readiness and available to deploy with minimal delay or cost, but with no reduction in performance or standards.

This strategy has clearly been a success with our clients, both old and new.  December and January will see over 40% of our vessels begin charters with new clients, with another 30% winning extensions to existing contracts.

We are determined to carry this level of performance into 2017 and are already seeing keen interest in our vessels for a wide range of tasks, from Uruguay in the West to Tanzania in the East.

October 2016

A Vessel Delivery with a Difference

As our company name implies, we at SVS pride ourselves on the provision and operation of a fleet of specialist and specialised vessels.  That provision has included many challenging projects – in some very testing environments – for the offshore sector.

Earlier this year we undertook a new type of vessel delivery for a completely different client; a project which tested our team’s planning and resourcefulness to new levels.

Journeys by Design (JBD) is a travel agent and holiday provider which specialise in luxury and frontier safaris in no less than 15 African countries, from North Sudan to South Africa; from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to The Seychelles.

In October this year SVS were asked to supply and deliver a 12m Sports Fishing Boat from our base in Mombasa, Kenya to one of JBD’s forward-based locations at Omorate, on the banks of the River Omo in Ethiopia.  This task comprised of a 3-day road move across Kenya, a 100km trip across Lake Turkana, a border crossing from Kenya into Ethiopia and a final leg of 50km along the Omo River, renowned for its thriving crocodile population.

The road move proved to be by far the most complex phase of the operation.  A combination of poor road surfaces and overly enthusiastic driving resulted in the flatbed lorry becoming bogged down several times.  The JCB brought in to provide the heavy lifting became pinned on the corner of the truck, and the resulting damage meant that the hydraulic components – including the steering system – could only be operated ‘one valve at a time’ with the last undamaged pipes being unscrewed, moved and re-attached each time a control lever was moved.

After three days on the road, and three nights in bush camps surrounded by curious locals and the pick of Africa’s insect life, the boat was successfully launched onto Lake Turkana and motored across to the mouth of the River Omo.

Here, in the shallow waters of the Delta, the coxswain and crew were forced to jump overboard and manhandle the boat through the maze of small creeks and channels. Not so the local guide, who remained firmly rooted onboard and reminded them several times over that this is one of the most crocodile-infested areas in all Africa.

Eventually, after a trouble free trip uo the river itself, the boat was handed over to a grateful client and the SVS team made their way back to Kenya using slightly more conventional means.


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