Due Diligence & Ethical Practice Statement - SVS HSSEQ Core Policies

Specialised Vessel Services (Ltd) has a strict approach with respect to its Due Diligence & Ethical Practice policy, procedures and implementation; the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates.

The Company is committed to upholding high standards of ethical transparency and accountability in the industry and fully supports and promotes an energy sector free of corruption.

We intend to work with partners and stakeholders, investing in both socio-economic, and ethical, infrastructure, and to pioneer its integration within the communities in which it works.

The Company upholds a zero tolerance attitude towards bribery and corruption, and maintains a compliance framework which is designed to protect our reputation, our employees, and our clients own ventures and policy integrity, from both risk and exposure to non conformity to Ethical Practice regulation.

All Company employees, contractors, and service providers, are required to comply with the SVS Due Diligence & Ethical Practice policy.'

HSSEQ Core Policies

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